Our Mission

We adhere to the highest standards of integrity and quality, providing the most current insurance options and solutions while servicing our Clients, Medical Professionals, Health Insurance Plan Partners and our Agent/Broker Team in excellent fashion, earning good profits, while respecting the needs of the individuals we work with inside and outside of the company.

A Letter From Our Founder

One of the primary things that distinguish our agency from others is that I am not only the founder of Team Alvarez Insurance Services, but have also been a full-time insurance field agent since 2007. Today, I am out regularly in the field recruiting the very best licensed insurance agents to join our team and am personally motivated to ensure we all have the best tools possible to be successful.

Team Alvarez Insurance Services is a top producing field marketing organization/general agency (FMO/GA) for several Medicare health plans nationally supporting several hundred agents nationwide.

We are growing our team and looking for great agents that  appreciate doing good business and whom we can support. Our agency is very unique; we understand what an agent truly needs to be successful in the Medicare/Insurance marketplace.

We want agents that understand the Medicare/Insurance industry, have a good work ethic, know the importance and value of Medicare compliance and appreciate the need for customer care and relationship building.

We also have opportunities for general agency high-level contracts. If you are currently associated with an agency, this could be an opportunity for all your fellow agents. We will honor our referral program with you STARTING NOW.

Please feel free to contact me at my direct line 800-487-4020 to discuss. Thank you.


Gus Alvarez, Founder
Team Alvarez Insurance Services

Why Work With Us

We Help You Become More Successful Than You Can Imagine

Our agency was founded by Gus Alvarez, an active and full time field agent since 2007 and today heads up the recruiting program full time searching for the very best licensed insurance agents in the country. Because of his extensive field knowledge, he understands that sales don’t just happen; sales happen when agents have the right type of support to be successful with a client.

Gus’ priority is to provide his entire team with the best tools he has provided for himself and his personal goal is for his agents to be even more successful than they imagined, thriving in today’s competitive insurance marketplace.

We Support Your Success In Four Primary Ways

We’re looking for qualified agents!

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1. Financial Benefits

Team Alvarez Insurance Services

2. Marketing Support

Team Alvarez Insurance Services

3. Business Support

Team Alvarez Insurance ServicesTeam Alvarez Insurance Services

4.Certification and Training

Team Alvarez Insurance Services

Join our team today! Call us at (800) 288-9250, email us at [email protected] or complete the form on this page to have someone contact you.