The Essential 2023 AHIP Medicare Examination Guide

Team Alvarez aids Medicare insurance agents by offering discounted AHIP certifications, ensuring they navigate the certification process with ease.
what does ahip stand for

It’s that season again! The yearly AHIP (America’s Health Insurance Plans) examination on Medicare, Fraud, Waste, and Abuse is just around the corner. Staying updated with health insurance changes is vital, and the 2023 AHIP will kick off this June.

While some might perceive AHIP as a bureaucratic hurdle, its significance for Medicare health insurance agents is undeniable. Passing this examination is pivotal for your career. Some corporations might cover your AHIP test fees (always worth asking), while others offer a $50 discount on the standard $175 examination fee. Companies like Humana have stringent rules, permitting only three attempts to clear the test. However, with AHIP, you get two enrollments – that’s six attempts in total! Amerigroup even allows the $50 discount on your second enrollment.

This test holds the key to your business achievements – certifications, commissions, renewals. In an “open book” scenario, a passing grade stands at 90%. Without AHIP certification, your selling options are limited to Med Supps. Remember, you can’t solely rely on supplements for a living. Insurance carriers save massive amounts by not renewing agents, so ensure you study thoroughly and pass each year to secure your renewals.

what does ahip stand for

Preparation is Key for AHIP

You’ve got 2 hours for 5 modules comprising 50 questions. Some modules can stretch up to 120 pages. Even though it’s an “open book” test, the depth of knowledge required is substantial. Two minutes and 24 seconds per question might sound sufficient, but it isn’t. The AHIP exam isn’t about cramming but understanding – it’s the only recognized approval for selling Medicare as an agent.

what does ahip stand for

AHIP Training Insights:

Post-section review questions mirror the main test questions.
You can revisit completed quizzes by tapping twice.
Make your notes searchable with identifiers for a quicker “Ctrl + F” during the timed test.
Trick the system into offering new review questions by deliberately answering a few wrong. There are around 250-300 questions to tackle.
Beware of choices that say “Only” or “Always”; they’re often incorrect.
Until you submit or time’s up, the test isn’t final. A smart strategy is to open the final exam, copy questions to a separate window, print them, and exit without finalizing. Doing this multiple times ensures you capture all potential questions, making a 90% score achievable.

what does ahip stand for

Tips for the AHIP Test:

The PDF slides don’t have a quick search, so you’ll have to search manually.
While a window for notes is useful, using a separate device can streamline your process.
Remember, there’s no reward for early completion. Use your time judiciously. In prior years, if you had cleared the AHIP test, brushing up on sections 4 & 5 was enough. But now, most carriers demand the full examination. By your third year, you’ll navigate AHIP like a pro. Failures mostly stem from lack of preparation. It’s a high-stakes test, and 2 hours of intense focus is demanded. Stay refreshed with snacks like blueberries, nuts, and dark chocolate, and keep water close.

For more insights, explore our other articles on test-taking and wellness tips. Best of luck!

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