2024 AEP Checklist

2024 Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) Checklist for Health Insurance Agents in California

2024 Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) Checklist for Health Insurance Agents


As AEP approaches, the time required to finalize contracts tends to expand. To stay ahead, aim to finalize contracts within a week, preferably before the end-of-summer influx. We offer agents round-the-clock digital access to liaise with leading carriers. Here’s a guide to initiating a fresh contract:

Insurance carriers generally expect agents to undertake AHIP’s courses on Medicare, and on detecting and preventing Fraud, Waste, & Abuse. Dive deep into subjects like Medicare basics, CMS regulations, varied plan choices, marketing directives, and sign-up prerequisites. An added perk? AHIP courses come with an opportunity to earn CE credits.

Certification can be accomplished via the AHIP platform. Alternatively, Team Alvarez provides a fee reduction for training done through our partner carrier portals. However, a word of caution: make sure to navigate to AHIP using the link provided by Team Alvarez.

For agents, it’s imperative to finish training specific to the market they operate in…


Agents are mandated to receive training for each carrier with whom they intend to offer individual Medicare plans for the forthcoming plan year. Additionally, several carriers permit the sale of their ongoing plan year’s offerings until year-end, given that the agent has certification for the subsequent plan year.

Drop by Team Alvarez certification page for 2024 achieve certification by visiting the correct links. To make your journey smoother, we curate a comprehensive list of prerequisites in our Certification page on teamalvarez.net/2024-carrier-certification.


Period: August – October

While CMS rules prohibit carriers from dispatching sales materials before the 1st of October, it’s wise to place your requests ahead of time to guarantee that you’re ready to begin enrollments by October 15. Sign in to TeamAlvarez.com and browse through our carrier section. Choose your preferred carrier and refer to the Supplies section in the adjacent menu for guidance on placing orders.

Entering the AEP phase with clarity on the plans and products you’re pitching—not to mention anticipating client queries—enhances your readiness for plan evaluations. Training fortifies your sales approach and aids in determining your primary carriers.

Certification techniques differ among carriers; while a majority offer digital tutorials for each product on their broker portals, some mandate in-person sessions, either individually or in groups, or even webinars. We recommend checking into the carrier’s broker portal or reaching out to them directly for a complete set of requirements.

Procedure for Product Certification:

  1. Navigate to the contracting section, select your carrier of choice, and then finalize your operational state(s) and product.

  2. Adhere to the straightforward steps to fill in the form.

  3. Upon reaching the concluding page, ensure you sign in the designated areas and click on the green “Proceed” button.

  4. Instantly, a downloadable PDF is generated, and a duplicate will be dispatched to your email.

  5. Please make sure to send your copy to [email protected]

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