How To Reduce Healthcare Costs Before a Person Becomes a Patient

snacks that lower your blood pressure
snacks that lower your blood pressure

     Did you know 1 in 3 adults is considered overweight in America? In 1990, less than 15% of adults. But today, 36.5%. Of the near 1million who died with COVID, 75% were considered obese. Remember riding bikes with your friends until sunset? The generation now only seems to have “internet friends.” With a culture and health and food industry focused solely on convenience, are we spending more in the long term, on our body, soul, and mind?

In an age of automation and agency, is there an excuse for poor health? To lessen the pain of the cost of healthcare later in your life, you must be responsible today.

Government in Healthcare

     1/6 of every American’s spending goes to healthcare. 50% of all US taxpayer money in fact, goes to healthcare spending. Starbucks even pays more for employee healthcare, than coffee beans. For what? Are we healthier? Since the Affordable Care Act, premiums have increased nearly 50% in the last decade. They officially outpace inflation and wage growth, and deductibles are up near 70% in the last decade.

     Oftentimes, politicians and media alike tout a “Medicare for All” solution to the rising cost in healthcare, but as we can see, government often exacerbates a problem. How practical is it to approach a problem with a solution for all, though? Don’t we all deserve healthcare? When everyone gets the same treatment, regardless of each other’s unique health needs, cost must be higher, to account for the (weakest, highest risk in the) group. Healthcare is the only insurance that is not risk based, but group based. So, the larger the group, the less expensive healthcare you earn. What about those that do not pose a risk to the system, by taking care of themselves? Who should mandate what you eat? Change the way you see “health.” Relying on the government, in the information age is a bit childish. Equip yourself to begin living.

how to reduce healthcare costs

State of Our Union

     We hear that US has the worst healthcare system, when in reality, we have a very unhealthy nation. How is it that the “freest” country on the planet is also bound to so many preexisting conditions? Hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes were the most common comorbidities in patients’ death due to COVID-19. Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the US. 75% of healthcare costs are due to chronic disease! Government can’t make you exercise and eat better. What do Americans expect our politicians to do? If Americans were healthier, and less stressed, their healthcare costs would go down.

how to reduce healthcare costs

How To Take Care of Yourself in the Age of Automation of Food

     How to stay healthy begins with learning how our body works. Obesity is not complex. We are operating a machine that functions on its own, if taken care of. Intermittent fasting is another lifestyle change, that proves your body will correct itself to restore homeostasis. While the food industry may market a product as “heart healthy,” it couldn’t be further from the truth. Like healthcare, we need to understand that this is an industry. We, as consumers, have options when we educate ourselves. Natural foods consumed for centuries, (animal fats), will always be healthier than industrial seed oils that have been processed for money making purposes. Learn how to decipher food labels, so you’re not tricked.

     Since the fast-food revolution, even the way we eat, has become “for convenience.” So, the burger is cheap, but I pay with my health. Did you know our bodies can’t even break down the chemical bonds, in vegetable oil that is in everything? For every 2% increase in consumption of trans fat (vegetable oil), the risk of heart disease increases by 23%! Our food is ultimately bankrupt of nutrition. The automation of everything, even the production of what an amino acid (glutamate) naturally produces (MSG, inside the body and outside in nature), has become “protein” in food, a mere flavor enhancer. Focus on an anti-inflammatory diet with fewer prepackaged, processed foods &more whole foods.

Less is More

     Instead of what our culture teaches about “quenching your thirst,” learn to establish healthy lifestyle habits. If you don’t give your child sugar for the first year of life, she won’t be prone to want sugar for the rest of her life. An exquisite design indeed!

     Almost everyone exceeds their daily sugar intake levels (men: 38g; women: 25g /day). Since we have different bones, even the amount of protein people need daily, is different (men: 56g; women: 46g). 1 can of tuna has 36g of protein! And foods that are best for fighting cancer include strawberries and garlic. We must be a culture that encourages healthy habits.

how to reduce healthcare costs

Humans As Social Beings

     Since the advancement of tech and after lockdowns, everyone stays inside, staring at a screen. We see our coworkers on Zoom, have a robot clean the house, and get meals delivered to our door. While the world encourages us to stay in this metaverse, what are we losing when humans don’t interact anymore? UnitedHealth Group has acquired LHC Group for $5.4m, betting you’d rather stay home than go see a doctor. But what do we pay for “convenience”? The cost of isolation is taxing on the human experience.

Versus The Metaverse

     Instead of the computer being a tool for us to use, we have let the computer run lives. A lonely population shows dampened cognitive function and a higher chance of a burdensome mind.  Since skin and nerves communicate, human touch may even help fight off infections. With loneliness being a bigger health risk than smoking or obesity, health authorities are now advising patients more than ever, with mild “depression,” to be offered group therapy sessions before pills.

     How wonderful it is to see faces again and those beautiful smiles were missed! Who knew body language was so important? Go figure, we only realize our perfect nasal canals, when our nose is runny or stuffy.

how to reduce healthcare costs

Vitamin D

     Of course, the invention of the Smartphone has made our lives easier, but as social beings, are we meant to spend our days inside? Another thing lost to technology today is going outside to play in the sun. Just as the plants and animals get nutrients from the sun, we are also blessed by the floating ball of fire in our sky. Once you change your diet to no processed oils at all, your healthy eating will even prevent sunburn. Go outside and honor your inner child today.

how to reduce healthcare costs

How To Reduce Blood Pressure

     Different cultures are healthier than others: 0 states had obesity present where 35% or higher were non-Hispanic Asian adults. Lower risks of death in your body, by simply changing factors you can control. Imagine diabetics taking a kitchen class to learn how to eat right, instead of the insulin shot. Most type 2 diabetes sufferers would get off their insulin if they just ate right. Just as you can completely eradicate chronic diseases; if you treat the underlying disease, and not just the symptoms, you can entirely clear your mind, too. Instead of “managing stress,” get rid of it! Be here now; stay aware and be present in the moment.

how to reduce healthcare costs


     In hindsight, we should have never trusted far away institutions to garner such a hold on families, that they forgot their responsibilities at home. Take the initiative, like any good salesperson would, but in your life; for the food and stress you consume. You want to change the world, you say? Change you.

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