Alignment Health / CVS Co-Brand

Alignment Health Plan, a national Medicare Advantage health plan, and Rite Aid have signed an agreement to offer a new co-branded Medicare Advantage product that will be available in six

Selecting the Right Plans - AEP agents

AEP Checklist

Medicare Advantage Enrollment Checklist For Agents The deadline for the Medicare advantage enrollment period is approaching. October 15 is the first day that you can start enrolling clients in their

Selling Medicare to Under 65 market

How does someone qualify for medicare under 65 years old? The easiest way for a person under 65 to qualify for Medicare is to have at least for two years

Best Practices to Sell Prescription Drug Plans - Medicare Insurance Agents

Best Practices to Sell Prescription Drug Plans

Best Practices for Selling Prescription Drug Plans Medicare recipients always require reliable coverage for their prescriptions. If you sell Medicare Advantage-only plans (Private-Fee-For-Service or Medicare MSA) or Medicare supplement plans. Start

Bad Communicators- Health Insurance agent

Why do Insurance Agents fail?

There are successful Medicare insurance agents who have figured out how to create a strong client base and grow it over time. It all starts from the business mindset, communication,

Selling Insurance From Home 101

The COVID-19 pandemic, Insurance agents in order to sell Medicare products had to adapt to successfully enroll beneficiaries. Industries had to adjust and adapt to the changes brought by government

Medicare Changes 2021 - Medicare Broker

Medicare changes 2021: What you need to know

It’s a new year, and with that comes key changes to Medicare benefits, costs, and availability. Medicare premiums, deductibles, and coinsurance costs are adjusted annually, and existing or prospective enrollees

Alignment Health Care Expands MA Foot Print

Alignment Healthcare is expanding its Medicare Advantage (MA) coverage footprint into Arizona, North Carolina, and Nevada to its senior beneficiaries. Plan rollout will start in 2022.

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